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Benefit Programs

Municipal Health Benefit Fund  501-978-6137

The League's Municipal Health Benefit Fund provides medical, dental and vision benefits to employees and officials. The advantage of being a part of the large group has enabled cities over the years to maintain a relatively stable cost for this important fringe benefit for municipal officials and employees in an era of soaring medical costs. Premium reports are processed by the League staff.

Other programs such as the Municipal Officials AD&D Plan and life insurance and AD&D plans for both officials and employees are available through the League at group rates.

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MHBF Information Center
Preferred Provider Directory MHBF Dental Form -PDF
Municipal Health Benefit Fund Booklet 2014 - PDF MHBF Initial Injury Illness Accident Questionnaire -PDF
Municipal Health Benefit Fund Booklet 2015 - PDF 2014 Summary of Benefits and Coverage -PDF
MHBF Enrollment-Change-Termination Form-PDF 2015 Summary of Benefits and Coverage -PDF
Multiple Coverage Inquiry - PDF MHBF Prescription Drug Program - Exclusion List -PDF
MHBF Change of Address -PDF MHBF Prescription Drug Program
Prior Authorization List
COBRA Enrollment -PDF MHBF Prescription Drug Quantity Limits  -PDF
MHBF Disability Income Form - PDF MHBF Reference Pricing Guide 2014
MHBF Medical Claim Form--Member Reimbursement -PDF MHBF Prescription Drug Program
Reference Pricing Guide - 2015
Life and AD&D Certificate - PDF Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms
MHBF 2014 Certificate of Notice and Acceptance Form -PDF RESTAT Pharmacy Locator
MHBF 2015 Certifitcate of Notice and Acceptance Form -PDF RESTAT Website
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HIPAA Policies:

HIPAA Privacy Notice -PDF

Municipal League Workers' Compensation Trust  501-978-6127

The Municipal League Workers' Compensation Trust (MLWCT) was established in 1985 to help cities and towns meet their statutory responsibilities for on-the-job employee injuries and loss-of-time claims. Arkansas Municipal League also offers a valuable program to protect the earnings of volunteer firefighters while they are executing their firefighting duties. Volunteer firefighters who are not covered by the supplemental program only receive $20.00 a week for a compensable injury. Premiums are billed annually at reasonable rates. Processing is done in-house. The services of experienced adjusters are used, and the Trust is fully protected in accordance with state law.

MLWCT Information Center
Submit First Report of Injury Online Form S
Online Submitted Claims Inquiry Form N
First Report of Injury Supplement to Employer's Report of Injury
Form W Payroll by Occupational Class Form
Income Protection Plan for Vol. Firefighters Form  

Municipal Legal Defense Program - Legal Defense Brochure - PDF

The MLDP is an optional program whereby participating municipalities can pool their resources and provide limited protection for the personal assets of officials, board or commission members and employees.

Protection to municipalities from civil rights lawsuits is also available under the MLDP, as is drug testing for employees holding commercial drivers' licenses.

Municipal Property Program -Brochure - PDF

The MPP is an optional program whereby participating municipalities can pool their resources and provide all risks protection for their buildings and contents.

Municipal Vehicle Program - Brochure - PDF

The MVP, Part I, is an optional program whereby participating municipalities can pool their resources and provide liability protection on their vehicles.

Part II allows municipalities the option of carrying physical damage coverage on their vehicles on a pooled self-funded basis.

This file is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You can download the free Acrobat Reader, free of charge, for Adobe's website.

Arkansas Local Government Pension Management Trust (PMT) -

Brochure - PDF

The PMT is an optional program available to local municipalities Pension Plans (Fire & Police "old plans"; Local Non-Uniform Plans). The PMT provides an excellent opportunity for relatively small or medium size (in terms of assets and number of people covered) locally controlled plans to join together in a League sponsored Pension Management Plan. Thus combined, participating plans receive professional investment advice, extensive earning performance reporting, full administrative services (including processing of benefit checks to retirees) and volume fee pricing similar to those enjoyed by large plans such as APERS and LOPFI, while retaining LOCAL CONTROL in the hands of the respective Local Pension Board. Costs associated with participation in the PMT (even with all the extra features mentioned above) are almost guaranteed to be less than Local Boards pay for services presently.  For more information on this program, contact Paul Young at 501-374-3484, ext. 125.

Municipal Other Post Employment Benefits Trust (MOPEBT) -

Brochure - PDF

The League has established the Municipal Other Post Employment Benefits Trust as a vehicle for cities (and city agencies) to implement a savings plan for OPEB costs.  The growth in unfunded other post employment benefit costs is becoming a major financial problem for all governmental entities, whether local, state or federal.  Without a savings plan, these liabilities will continue to grow and ultimately jeopardize the financial stability of municipal governments.  For more information on this program, contact Paul Young at 501-374-3484, ext. 125.

Arkansas Diamond Deferred Compensation Plan

All municipalities, and other political subdivisions, of the State of Arkansas are eligible to utilize the State of Arkansas Deferred Compensation Plan, commonly referred to as the AR Diamond Plan. The AR Diamond Plan can be made available to employees at no cost to the city. Other Plan benefits include a simplified plan structure, low cost and a local service team. As many as 50 different municipalities currently take advantage of the AR Diamond Plan. As Plan consultant, Stephens assists the state in the selection and ongoing monitoring of all plan investment options. Voya FinancialTM is the record keeper and administrator of the plan. Click here for more information.


Field Representatives/District Meetings

Staff members of the League are "on-call" to visit cities and towns desiring help with their managerial responsibilities when time permits. The League encourages member cities to arrange for meetings and invite the League staff to present helpful information at maximum convenience to the member cities.


Defensive Driving Program - Brochure - PDF

The Defensive Driving Program is designed to elevate and expand existing driver skills, help correct driving deficiencies and promote a positive attitude toward driver safety among all members of the Municipal Vehicle Program.  For more information on this program, contact David Baxter at 501-374-3484, ext. 110.

Healthy Workplace Planning Program - Brochure - PDF

The Healthy Workplace Planning Program is designed to promote fitness, health and well-being among qualifying volunteer cities and towns within the State of Arkansas.  The program seeks to reduce emplyee sick leave, health insurance claims and premiums among cities and towns. The program's aim is to create awareness, understanding and solutions for lifestyle risk factors that can contribute to health-related issues. For more information on this program, contact David Baxter at 501-374-3484, ext. 110.


These areas of assistance to municipalities have developed in response to specific needs of Arkansas' cities and towns. It is expected that as needs change, the type of service program the League provides will change to meet those needs. In this way, the League service program can be of maximum benefit to the cities and towns of Arkansas.


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