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Voluntary Certification Program Archive

2017 Seminars/Workshops PDF Archive

2017 Planning and Zoning Workshop

2017 Government 101 Certification Class

2017 Winter Conference Certification Class Amazing Cities w/Jim Hunt

2016 Seminars/Workshops PDF Archive

2016 MHBF Seminar (not a certification class)

2016 Human Resource Workshop

2016 Finance and Budgeting Workshop

2016 Government 101 Workshop

2016 June Convention-Working in a Social World  

2016 CLE Archive

1.  Schoen, David-Arkansas Municipal Election Law.pdf

2.  Cazort, Brad - ACIC Access.pdf

3.  Kelley, A.J.-Annexations - Preparing for the Census.pdf

4.  Carpenter, Tom - Access to Police Personnel Files.pdf

5.  Brown, Bill - DWI - its a criminal investigation.pdf

6.  Gess, Peter-Mistrust, Cynisim and Anti-Government Sentiment.pdf

7.  Hayes-Wilkerson-Albright-Primer On Hot Springs Annexation Cases.pdf

9.  Brinton, William- Reed, The Blockbuster Decision [Sample Public Presentation].pdf

9.  Brinton, William- Sign Regs. The Implications of Reed v Gilbert.pdf

9.  Brinton, William-ORD - Fernandina Bch Ord 2015-29 Temp Signs.pdf

9.  Brinton, William-ORD - Jax Bch - Signed Ord 2015-8065.pdf

9.  Brinton, William-View of the Industry.pdf

9.  Brinton, Williams-ORD - Jax Bch - Signed Ord 2015-8064.pdf

9.  Richmond, Lanny-More than Sign Ordinances Since Reed.pdf

10.  Bojorquez, Alan-Integrity at City Hall.pdf

DWI Trouble - John Collins.pdf  

Investigating and Defending Officer-Involved Shootings-Liza Franklin.pdf

Sign Ordinances PowerPoint - Richmond-Hayes.pdf   Sign Ordinances Handout.pdf

Ethics and Public Service - Randall Van Vleck.pdf 

Colyer v. Chicago - Memorandum and Opinion 01-04-16.pdf

Mississippi County AR v. Blytheville et al - Order on Cross-Motions for SJ.pdf

2015 Seminars/Workshops PDF Archive

2015 Municipal Health Benefit Fund Seminar

2015 Human Resource Workshop

2015  Finance and Budgeting Workshop

2015 June Convention - Ways to Promote and Enhance Your Municipality Workshop 

2015 Winter Conference - City Government 101 Workshop

2015 Planning and Zoning Seminar

2014 Seminar PDF Archive

2014 Municipal Health Benefit Fund Seminar

2014 Human Resource Seminar

League has developed an annual curriculum of core courses and continuing education courses. The core courses, offered at League headquarters, cover municipal basics, such as budget preparation and personnel matters. The Program is for Arkansas mayors, city managers, city directors and aldermen, city recorders, recorder/treasurers, city clerks, clerk/treasurers. 

For more information on the Certification Program click here, or contact Ken Wasson at 501-374-3484 Ext. 211, or email kwasson@arml.org.

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Arkansas Municipal League
Our Mission

The Arkansas Municipal League was founded in 1934 and exists for a threefold purpose:

  • to act as the official representative of Arkansas cities and towns before the state and federal governments;
  • to provide a clearinghouse for information and answers; and,
  • to offer a forum for discussion and sharing of mutual concerns.