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Incorporated Towns and Cities of the Second Class

  • Mayor Dennis Behling, Lakeview, Chair 
  • Recorder/Treasurer Stacey Bennett, Cherry Valley 
  • Council Members Robert Otis and Doyle Scroggins, Fairfield Bay 
  • Council Member Jennifer Porter, Flippin 
  • Mayor Jeff Braim and Council Member Anita Seaman, Gassville 
  • Mayor B.T. Smith, Glenwood 
  • Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer Hill, Haskell 
  • Recorder/Treasurer Mary Ruth Wiles, Highland 
  • Mayor Craig Huckaby, Horseshoe Bend 
  • Mayor Carl Lee Griswold, Mitchellville 
  • Mayor Bob Blankenship, Monette 
  • Mayor Michael Marsh, Pangburn 
  • Mayor Roben Brooks and Recorder/Treasurer Dane Fults, Redfield 
  • Council Member Toni Blackwell, Shannon Hills 
  • Recorder/Treasurer Rick East, Smackover 
  • Recorder/Treasurer Rita Fite, Sparkman 
  • Mayor Brenda Porter, Tollette 
  • Mayor Michael R. Frasier, Weiner