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Policies and Goals

This Statement of Municipal Policy of the Arkansas Municipal League is the vehicle through which the cities and towns of Arkansas make known their common aims and purposes and move together for the improvement of local government. It is designed to be revised and readopted each year at the League’s Annual Convention. This edition was officially adopted on Adopted June 17, 2022, at the 88th Annual Convention of the Arkansas Municipal League.

This Policy Statement represents the foundation upon which the League builds its programs. It attempts to set forth the principles used to guide specific action by League officers, committees and staff.

It is the League’s platform for building better municipal government and, consequently, better cities and towns for the municipal residents of Arkansas.

In addition, this publication contains an explanation of the activities and service programs of your Municipal League and the Municipal League Constitution. We hope that this year will be a good one for Arkansas cities and towns and their residents.

2023-2024 Policies and Goals - PDF