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Staff Directory


Mark R. Hayes - Executive Director, (501) 374-3484 ext. 100
Legislation, League policy, responsible for day-to-day operations, including administration of optional programs. mrh@arml.org

Whitnee V. Bullerwell – Deputy Director, (501) 374-3484 ext. 206
Responsible for the League's Operations, Communications, and Training Department. Planning and supervision of League Conferences, Conventions, workshops, training and seminars.  wvb@arml.org

Sheila K. Boyd – Policy and Programs Officer, (501) 374-3484 ext. 218
Scheduling, coordination of meetings for governing boards and committees; general correspondence for policy and programs. Manages front desk personnel. sheila@arml.org

Jamie Adams – Executive Assistant to Executive Director and Operations & Policy Advisor, (501) 374-3484 ext. 259
Assistant to Mark R. Hayes and Sheila K. Boyd.  jta@arml.org

Jane Barnett – Assistant to Deputy Director, (501) 978-6129 
Administrative Assistant in the Operations, Communications and Training department. jbarnett@arml.org

League Operations|Communications|Training Department

David Baxter – General Manager of Health/Safety and Operations, (501) 374-3484 ext. 110
Supervision of training on the Municipal League Defensive Driving and Healthy Workplace Planning Programs. Assists with managing League operations. dbaxter@arml.org

-Communications Coordinator/Creative Manager,  
Administration of web site and master database, coordination of League publications, training and program materials. 

Andrew Morgan - Editor, (501) 374-3484 ext. 121
Edits CITY&TOWNmagazine and other League publications, covers events in the field. amorgan@arml.org

Mark Potter - Graphic/Layout Designer, (501) 374-3484 ext. 138
Assists with CITY&TOWN magazine, other League publications and social media. mpotter@arml.org  

Tricia Zello – Certification and Administrative Assistant, (501) 374-3484 ext. 285
Assists in the areas of communications and publications, seminar, convention, and conference coordination and general tasks in the Operations, Communications, and Training Department. tzello@arml.org

Finance|Program Rating|Information Technology Department

Cindy Frizzell – Director of Finance and Program Rates, (501) 374-3484 ext. 263
Financial controls and reporting for the League and financial reporting for the League’s optional programs and program rating. Tax administration and special projects. cfrizzell@arml.org

Wayne Braswell - Programmer, (501) 374-3484 ext. 207
Research, planning, coordinating and recommending software and systems choices to meet the League’s business requirements. wbraswell@arml.org

Tammie Dodson - Program Accountant, (501) 374-3484 ext. 216
Premium, enrollment and collection of AD&D Optional program.  Financial reporting and accounts payable for MLDP, MVP and MPP and Firefighters. Processing of Life Insurance claims. tdodson@arml.org

Chris Hartley – Chief Information Officer, (501) 374-3484 ext. 106
Manages all organization technologies and provides technology support and training. chartley@arml.org

Aaron Holman – IT Support, (501) 374-3484 ext. 109 
Responsible for managing applications and IT support issues. aholman@arml.org

Amber Kidd - Finance and Program Analyst, (501) 374-3484 ext. 119
Investment accounting, and financial reporting. akidd@arml.org

Bryan Lamb – Loss Control/Underwriting, (501) 374-3484 ext. 122
Administers public risk management and employee safety consulting for AML members participating in league programs. blamb@arml.org

Elizabeth Milam - IT Support Assistant, (501) 374-3484 ext. 139
Responsible for taking initial helpdesk telephone or e-mail inquiries and troubleshooting user hardware, software or network problems. emilam@arml.org

Matt Parker - Network Security Engineer, (501) 374-3484 ext. 107
Systems administration and design. mparker@arml.org

Lori Sander - Finance Operations Manager, (501) 374-3484 ext. 238
Financial reporting and accounts payable/receivable for League Operations. lsander@arml.org

Legal and Legislative Advocacy Department

John Wilkerson - General Counsel, (501) 374-3484 ext. 128 
Manages operation of legal department staff and caseload for the League and its optional programs. Litigation and legal consultation for members, legislation and general legal work for League.  jwilkerson@arml.org

Mary Caffee – Paralegal to General Counsel, (501) 374-3484 ext. 268
Paralegal to John Wilkerson. Municipal Legal Defense Program. mcaffee@arml.org

Jenna Adams – Litigation Counsel, (501) 374-3484 ext. 136
Litigation and consultation in the Municipal Legal Defense Program. jenadams@arml.org

Jack Critcher - Legislative Liaison,(501) 374-3484 ext. 103

Asia Cruz -Associate Benefits Counsel, (501) 374-3484 ext. 125
Litigation and consultation in the Municipal Health Benefit Fund and the Municipal League Workers' Comp Trust. acruz@arml.org

Gabrielle Gibson - Associate Litigation Counsel, 374-3484 ext. 137
Litigation and consultation in the Municipal Legal Defense Program. ggibson@arml.org

Deborah Griffith - Paralegal, (501) 374-3484 ext. 256
Paralegal to Amanda LaFever in the Municipal Legal Defense Program. dgriffith@arml.org

Jennifer Johnson – Paralegal/Special Projects, (501) 374-3484 ext. 205
Assistant to Bill Mann in the Municipal Legal Defense Program. Responsible for billing in the Municipal Legal Defense Program. Special projects for all League departments. jammons@arml.org

Amanda LaFever - Litigation Counsel, (501) 374-3484 ext. 117
Litigation and consultation in the Municipal Legal Defense Program. alafever@arml.org

Rebecca Louden - Certified Paralegal, (501) 374-3484 ext. 262
Paralegal to Jenna Adams in the Municipal Legal Defense Program. rlouden@arml.org

William Mann, III – Senior Litigation Counsel, (501) 374-3484 ext. 231
Senior litigation, research, training, and consultation in the Municipal Legal Defense Program. bmann@arml.org

Sara Monaghan – Senior Litigation Counsel, (501) 374-3484 ext. 123
Litigation and consultation in the Municipal Legal Defense Program. smonaghan@arml.org

Lanny Richmond - Code and Legal Counsel, (501) 374-3484 ext. 228 
Attorney for the Municipal Ordinance Codification Service. Participates in the League’s Municipal Legal Defense Program. lrichmond@arml.org

David Schoen - Legal Counsel, (501) 374-3484 ext. 104
Legal counsel in the Municipal Legal Defense Program.  dschoen@arml.org

Felicia Smith-Welch – Certified Paralegal, (501) 374-3484 ext. 257 
Paralegal to Brie GibsonMonaghan in the Municipal Legal Defense Program. fswelch@arml.org

Traci Squires - Certified Paralegal, (501) 374-3484 ext. 258
Paralegal to Sara Monaghan in the Municipal Legal Defense Program. tsquires@arml.org

Municipal Health Benefit Fund Program (MHBF) 
Direct Phone Number: 501-978-6137

Katie Bodenhamer - General Manager and Benefits Counsel, (501) 374-3484, ext. 126
Manages operation of the Municipal Health Benefit Fund and the Preferred Provider Network, Medical Case Management, Precertification and Utilization Review. kbodenhamer@arml.org

Jennifer Jones - Paralegal, (501) 374-3484 ext. 215
Paralegal to Katie Bodenhamer and Asia Cruz. jjones@arml.org 

Pamela Adams - Provider Relations Representative, (501) 374-3484 ext. 230
Coordinates claims status and benefit inquiries for MHBF. padams@arml.org

Krystal Berline - Provider Relations Representative, (501) 374-3484 ext. 253
Coordinates Provider Directory, networking and EFT Services for MHBF.  kberline@arml.org

Beth Harrison Chappell - Provider Relations and Customer Service Supervisor,(501) 374-3484 ext. 160
Coordination of provider contracting, provider relations, and customer service for MHBF. bchappell@arml.org

Christy Cody - Eligibility and Enrollment Representative, (501) 374-3484 ext. 140
Coordinates enrollment and monthly premium billing for MHBF. ccody@arml.org

Stacy Colburn - Claims Analyst, (501) 374-3484 ext. 147
Analysis and processing of MHBF claims. scolburn@arml.org

Jennifer Elliott - L.P.N., (501) 374-3484 ext. 131
Case Management, Utilization/Claims Review and Precertification for MHBF. jelliott@arml.org

Samantha Floyd - Claims Analyst, (501) 374-3484 ext. 120
Analysis and processing of MHBF claims. sfloyd@arml.org

Shari Fobbs - Customer Service Representative, (501) 374-3484 ext. 158
Coordinates claims status and benefit inquiries for MHBF. sfobbbs@arml.org

Chanel Forte - Eligibility and Enrollment Representative, (501) 374-3484 ext. 235
Coordinates enrollment and monthly premium billing for MHBF.  cforte@arml.org

Heather Frederick - Claims Analyst, (501) 374-3484 ext. 244
Analysis and processing of MHBF claims. hfrederick@arml.org

Wilma Huckaby - Customer Service Representative, (501) 374-3484 ext. 154
Coordinates claims status and benefit inquiries for MHBF. whuckaby@arml.org

Deb Hudson - L.P.N., (501) 374-3484 ext. 133 
Outpatient Services Coordinator, Utilization Review and Precertification for MHBF. dhudson@arml.org 

Purity Ingram - Eligibility and Enrollment Supervisor, (501) 374-3484 ext. 116
Coordinates enrollment and monthly premium billing for MHBF. pingram@arml.org

Sara Jansen - Claims Analyst, (501) 374-3484 ext. 115
Analysis and processing of MHBF Dental claims. sjansen@arml.org

Karen Lauderdale - Claims Analyst, (501) 374-3484 ext. 143
Analysis and processing of MHBF claims. klauderd@arml.org

Debbie Hogue-Minshall - Customer Service Representative, (501) 374-3484 ext. 157
Coordinates claims status and benefit inquiries for MHBF. dminshall@arml.org

Karen Mitchell - Claims Analyst, (501) 374-3484 ext. 149
Analysis and processing of MHBF claims. kmitchell@arml.org

Amber Oyemola - Claims Analyst, (501) 374-3484 ext. 151  
Analysis and processing of MHBF claims. aoyemola@arml.org

Cynthia Parker - Claims Supervisor, (501) 374-3484 ext. 114
Coordinates Claims Training and Analysis for MHBF. cparker@arml.org

Michele Philmon - Customer Service Representative, (501) 374-3484 ext. 153 
Coordinates claims status and benefit inquiries for MHBF. mphilmon@arml.org

Jill Sloan - Clinical Supervisor, L.P.N., (501) 374-3484 ext. 156
Case Management, Utilization Review and Precertification for MHBF.  jsloan@arml.org

Stephanie Stroncek - Precertification Specialist, (501) 374-3484 ext. 130
Precertification intake coordinator for MHBF. sstroncek@arml.org

David Williams – Claims Verification Coordinator, (501) 374-3484 ext. 135
Verifies claims and coordinates incoming and outgoing MHBF correspondence. dwilliams@arml.org

Amanda Woodyard - L.P.N., (501) 374-3484 ext. 113
Outpatient Services Coordinator, Utilization Review and Precertification for MHBF. awoodyard@arml.org

Municipal League Workers' Compensation Trust (MLWCT) 
Direct Phone Number: 501-978-6127

Glenda Robinson - General Manager, (501) 374-3484 ext. 243
Manages operation of the Municipal League Workers' Comp Trust. grobinson@arml.org

Patrice Baker - Senior Claims Representative, (501) 374-3484 ext. 224
Adjustment and claim management for Workers' Compensation Trust. pbaker@arml.org

Kimberly Chaudoin - Claims Assistant, (501) 374-3484 ext. 129
Mail, scanning, filing & data entry. kchaudoin@arml.org

Darlene Cooper - Claims Assistant, (501) 374-3484 ext. 241
Mail, scanning, filing & data entry. dcooper@arml.org

Sabra Deislinger - Claims Examiner, (501) 374-3484 ext. 127
Adjustment and claim management for Workers' Compensation Trust. sdeislinger@arml.org

Demie Miller - Administrative Assistant, (501) 374-3484 ext. 213
Responsible for Medicare reporting, verifying tax and social security numbers with Internal Revenue Service, updating member and provider files and assisting department head with various projects. dmiller@arml.org

Kayla Moore - Claims Examiner, (501) 374-3484 ext. 188 
Adjustment and claim management for Workers' Compensation Trust. kmoore@arml.org

Darneshia Owens - Claims Representative, (501) 374-3484 ext. 236
Adjustment and claim management for Workers’ Compensation Trust. dowens@arml.org

Andrea Sayre - Claims Representative, (501) 374-3484 ext. 237
Claim Representative for Workers' Compensation Trust. asayre@arml.org

Melissa Warden - Claims Assistant, (501) 374-3484 ext. 108 
Imaging, mail and data entry for Workers' Compensation Trust. mwarden@arml.org

Municipal Property Program (MPP) and Municipal Vehicle Program (MVP) 
Direct Phone Number: 501-978-6123

John G. Wells - General Manager, (501) 374-3484 ext. 207
Manages operation of Municipal Property Program and Vehicle Program. jwells@arml.org

Kayla Fisher - Municipal Vehicle/Property Claims Representative, (501) 374-3484 ext. 273
Assists with operation of municipal vehicle/property programs. kfisher@arml.org

Ashley Garrett - Administrative Assistant, (501) 374-3484 ext. 272
Clerical, responsible for routine administrative tasks for Vehicle and Property Program. agarrett@arml.org

Rebecca Williamson – Municipal Vehicle/Property Claims Representative, (501) 374-3484 ext. 271
Assists with operation of municipal vehicle program. rwilliamson@arml.org

Human Resources

Tracey Pew – Director of Human Resources, (501) 374-3484 ext. 111
Responsible for the management of the League’s Human Resources department. tpew@arml.org

Front Desk 

Khaliah Coleman - AML Receptionist, (501) 374-3484 ext. 248
Welcomes and assists visitors of the Arkansas Municipal League. Receives incoming phone calls and directs callers to the proper place of inquiry. kcoleman@arml.org

Rick Paladino – AML Reception and Operations Assistant, (501) 374-3484 ext. 227
Assists in answering the phone and directing inquiries. Responsible for maintenance of office equipment and a variety of building and grounds upkeep. rap@arml.org


Steve Napper - Attorney for the State Aid City Street Program, (501) 378-7755

Jim vonTungeln, AICP - Planning/Zoning Consultant, (501) 944-3649
Community planning, zoning and land use management. uplan@swbell.net

Contact Us
Arkansas Municipal League
Our Mission

The Arkansas Municipal League was founded in 1934 and exists for a threefold purpose:

  • to act as the official representative of Arkansas cities and towns before the state and federal governments;
  • to provide a clearinghouse for information and answers; and,
  • to offer a forum for discussion and sharing of mutual concerns.