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Arkansas Municipal League honors legislators at 83rd Convention

Following each General Session of the Arkansas Legislature, the Arkansas Municipal League honors a select group of legislators who have distinguished themselves by assisting cities and towns of Arkansas with key legislative issues affecting municipalities. The League at its 83rd Convention, held June 14-16 in Little Rock, presented the following members of the 91st General Assembly with the Distinguished Legislator Award:

Sen. Will Bond, Dist. 32

Sen. Ronald Caldwell, Dist. 23

Sen. Eddie Cheatham, Dist. 26

Sen. Linda Chesterfield, Dist. 30

Sen. John Cooper, Dist. 21

Sen. Lance Eads, Dist. 7

Sen. Joyce Elliott, Dist. 31

Sen. Jane English, Dist. 34

Sen. Jake Files, Dist. 8

Sen. Stephanie Flowers, Dist. 25

Sen. Jim Hendren, Dist. 2

Sen. Jimmy Hickey, Dist. 11

Sen. Keith Ingram, Dist. 24

Sen. Missy Irvin, Dist. 18

Sen. Uvalde Lindsey, Dist. 4

Sen. Bruce Maloch, Dist. 12

Sen. Terry Rice, Dist. 9

Sen. Bill Sample, Dist. 14

Sen. Larry Teague, Dist. 10

Sen. David Wallace, Dist. 22

Sen. Eddie Joe Williams, Dist. 29

Rep. Fred Allen, Dist. 30

Rep. Scott Baltz, Dist. 61

Rep. Charles Blake, Dist. 36

Rep. Justin Boyd, Dist. 77

Rep. Ken Bragg, Dist. 15

Rep. David Branscum, Dist. 83

Rep. LeAnne Burch, Dist. 9

Rep. Sarah Capp, Dist. 82

Rep. Bruce Coleman, Dist. 81

Rep. Charlie Collins, Dist. 84

Rep. Carol Dalby, Dist. 1

Rep. Jana Della Rosa, Dist. 90

Rep. Charlotte Douglas, Dist. 75

Rep. Dan Douglas, Dist. 91

Rep. Jon Eubanks, Dist. 74

Rep. Joe Farrer, Dist. 44

Rep. Ken Ferguson, Dist. 16

Rep. David Fielding, Dist. 5

Rep. Charlene Fite, Dist. 80

Rep. Vivian Flowers, Dist. 17

Rep. Jimmy Gazaway, Dist. 57

Rep. Jeremy Gillam, Dist. 45

Rep. Michael John Gray, Dist. 47

Rep. Michelle Gray, Dist. 62

Rep. Kim Hammer, Dist. 28

Rep. Ken Henderson, Dist. 71

Rep. Monte Hodges, Dist. 55

Rep. Mike Holcomb, Dist. 10

Rep. Douglas House, Dist. 40

Rep. Lane Jean, Dist. 2

Rep. Joe Jett, Dist. 56

Rep. Bob Johnson, Dist. 42

Rep. Jack Ladyman, Dist. 59

Rep. Greg Leding, Dist. 86

Rep. Tim Lemons, Dist. 43

Rep. Fredrick Love, Dist. 29

Rep. Robin Lundstrum, Dist. 87

Rep. Roger Lynch, Dist. 14

Rep. Stephen Magie, Dist. 72

Rep. Mark McElroy, Dist. 11

Rep. George McGill, Dist. 78

Rep. Ron McNair, Dist. 98

Rep. Reginald Murdock, Dist. 48

Rep. Milton Nicks, Dist. 50

Rep. Mat Pitsch, Dist. 76

Rep. Chris Richey, Dist. 12

Rep. Laurie Rushing, Dist. 26

Rep. Warwick Sabin, Dist. 33

Rep. Matthew Shepherd, Dist. 6

Rep. Nelda Speaks, Dist. 100

Rep. Clarke Tucker, Dist. 35

Rep. DeAnn Vaught, Dist. 4

Rep. Les Warren, Dist. 25

Rep. Danny Watson, Dist. 3

Rep. David Whitaker, Dist. 85

Rep. Jeff Williams, Dist. 89

Rep. Carlton Wing, Dist. 38

            These individuals have all gone above and beyond in their advocacy of the cities and towns of Arkansas. We applaud their efforts and greatly appreciate the excellent work of these legislators.        

            More than 1,300 city and town leaders from across Arkansas attended the 83rd Convention, where they adopted the League’s agenda for the upcoming year.

            The Arkansas Municipal League is a service and advocacy organization for the municipalities of Arkansas. The League offers its programs and services to all 500 cities and towns in the state and was created in 1934 to assist cities with information and representation in the public affairs of our state and nation. To find out more, please visit www.arml.org.

June 21, 2017


Contact: Don Zimmerman, Executive Director

Whitnee V. Bullerwell, Communications Director

Arkansas Municipal League, 501-374-3484


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