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Voluntary Certification Program Archive

2020 Seminars/Workshops PDF Archive

2020 Municipal Finance 201 Workshop-Advanced Level 2

2019 85th Convention Presentations in PDF Archive

2019 Legislative Updates for Cities and Towns

Update on Small Cell Technology

Opportunity Zones and Opportunity Zones Funds—How can your Municipality Benefit?

Human Resources at the Local Government Level

The Attempt to Privatize Municipal Water Systems and the Ramifications Involved

2019 Seminars/Workshops PDF Archive

2019 Municipal Health Benefit Program and Municipal League Workers' Compensation Program Seminar

2019 Human Resources and Personnel Matters Workshop

2019 Municipal Finance 101 Workshop

2019 Grant Writing 101 Workshop

2019 Loss Control Seminar

2019 Planning and Zoning Workshop

2019 Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Workshop

2019 Winter Conference Presentations in PDF Archive

City Government 101:
What is Local Government and What Do I Need to Know?

General Session III:
The 92nd General Assembly and How Local Leaders Can Best Advocate for Your Hometowns

General Session IV:
How Do You Make Your City/Town Attractive to Potential Businesses and What Can You Do to Create a Strong Workforce? 

City Covernment 101:
Who is the Arkansas Municipal League and How Do We Serve Arkansas Cities and Towns?


2018 Seminars/Workshops PDF Archive

2018 MHBF Seminar

2018 Human Resource Workshop

2018 Municipal Finance and Budgeting Certification Workshop: Best Practices

2018 Government 101 Certification Class

2017 CLE Archive

Economic Development and Enforcement of Fiscal Violations - David Schoen, AML Legal Counsel​

The Arkansas Lawyer’s Ethical Use of Social Media - Sarah Sparkman, Deputy City Attorney, Springdale, AR

Who Can Carry - John Baker, Mitchell Williams Firm; David Johnson, Central Arkansas Water; David Fuqua, Fuqua Campbell, PA, Little Rock

Supreme Court Case Law Update + Handout - Lisa Soronen, Executive Director, State and Local Legal Center, Washington, D.C.     

FOIA Update and Refresher + Handout - Beth Walker, Deputy Attorney General

Things to Know About Receiving a New Lawsuit and Submitting it to the MLDP - Michael Mosley, AML Staff Attorney

Marijuana Amendment, Legislation and Practical Solutions + Handout - John Wilkerson, AML Staff Attorney; Lanny Richmond, II, AML Staff Attorney

Ethics and Government Practice - Wynetta Massey, City Attorney, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Access to Public Buildings/Solicitation - Thomas N. Kieklak, Harrington Miller Firm, Springdale, AR    Bettina Brownstein

2017 Seminars/Workshops PDF Archive

2017 Human Resource Workshop

2017 Municipal Health Benefit Fund Seminar

2017 Municipal Finance and Budgeting Workshop

2017 June Convention-Discovering Your Leadership Strengths

2017 Planning and Zoning Workshop

2017 Government 101 Certification Class

2017 Winter Conference Certification Class Amazing Cities w/Jim Hunt

2016 Seminars/Workshops PDF Archive

2016 MHBF Seminar (not a certification class)

2016 Human Resource Workshop

2016 Finance and Budgeting Workshop

2016 Government 101 Workshop

2016 June Convention-Working in a Social World  

2016 CLE Archive

1.  Schoen, David-Arkansas Municipal Election Law.pdf

2.  Cazort, Brad - ACIC Access.pdf

3.  Kelley, A.J.-Annexations - Preparing for the Census.pdf

4.  Carpenter, Tom - Access to Police Personnel Files.pdf

5.  Brown, Bill - DWI - its a criminal investigation.pdf

6.  Gess, Peter-Mistrust, Cynisim and Anti-Government Sentiment.pdf

7.  Hayes-Wilkerson-Albright-Primer On Hot Springs Annexation Cases.pdf

9.  Brinton, William- Reed, The Blockbuster Decision [Sample Public Presentation].pdf

9.  Brinton, William- Sign Regs. The Implications of Reed v Gilbert.pdf

9.  Brinton, William-Ord - Fernandina Bch Ord2015-29 Temp Signs.pdf

9.  Brinton, William-Ord - Jax Bch - Signed Ord 2015-8065.pdf

9.  Brinton, William-View of the Industry.pdf

9.  Brinton, Williams-Ord - Jax Bch - Signed Ord 2015-8064.pdf

9.  Richmond, Lanny-More than Sign Ordinances Since Reed.pdf

10.  Bojorquez, Alan-Integrity at City Hall.pdf

DWI Trouble - John Collins.pdf  

Investigating and Defending Officer-Involved Shootings-Liza Franklin.pdf

Sign Ordinances PowerPoint - Richmond-Hayes.pdf   Sign Ordinances Handout.pdf

Ethics and Public Service - Randall Van Vleck.pdf 

Colyer v. Chicago - Memorandum and Opinion 01-04-16.pdf

Mississippi County AR v. Blytheville et al - Order on Cross-Motions for SJ.pdf

2015 Seminars/Workshops PDF Archive

2015 Municipal Health Benefit Fund Seminar

2015 Human Resource Workshop

2015  Finance and Budgeting Workshop

2015 June Convention - Ways to Promote and Enhance Your Municipality Workshop 

2015 Winter Conference - City Government 101 Workshop

2015 Planning and Zoning Seminar

2014 Seminar PDF Archive

2014 Municipal Health Benefit Fund Seminar

2014 Human Resource Seminar