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Benefit Program

Arkansas Local Government Pension Management Trust (PMT)

The PMT is an optional program available to local municipalities Pension Plans (Fire & Police "old plans"; Local Non-Uniform Plans). The PMT provides an excellent opportunity for relatively small or medium size (in terms of assets and number of people covered) locally controlled plans to join together in a League sponsored Pension Management Plan. Thus combined, participating plans receive professional investment advice, extensive earning performance reporting, full administrative services (including processing of benefit checks to retirees) and volume fee pricing similar to those enjoyed by large plans such as APERS and LOPFI, while retaining LOCAL CONTROL in the hands of the respective Local Pension Board. Costs associated with participation in the PMT (even with all the extra features mentioned above) are almost guaranteed to be less than Local Boards pay for services presently.  For more information on this program, contact Cindy Frizzell at 501-374-3484, ext. 263.

Phone Number

  • 501-374-3484, ext. 263.