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League Program

Cable Television Franchise Management Service

The Arkansas Municipal League offers a cable television franchise management service through Local Government Services or LGS. The goals of the program are to ensure that local governments have access to the expertise required to negotiate for the benefits and services needed in our communities on reasonable terms and conditions. 

In return for a nominal fee, which is usually based on a city's population, cities can obtain the following services:  assistance in negotiating new terms and conditions for cable television franchise renewals, including the preparation of the franchise document; determining cable companies compliance with existing franchise terms and conditions including franchise fee payment review; developing and implementing a community needs assessment to determine the future cable-related needs and interest of cities; assistance for electric cities in negotiating pole attachment agreements and conducting pole count inventories; assistance in the development of public, educational and governmental channels (PEG); assistance with processing requests from companies to transfer an existing cable franchise; and assistance with negotiating tower leases.  LGS provides these services in conjunction with the law firm of Moses and Barnett and with the assistance of William Pohts, an engineer specializing in the emerging technologies in telecommunications and electronic systems.

For further information or participation in this program, contact Greg Fender with LGS at 800-978-0071 or via e-mail at .