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League Program

Grants Service

The Grant Book Company - 

A grant locator service is provided for municipalities in an effort to simplify the process of locating and obtaining grants. The League has partnered with The Grant Book Company to provide this service for its members through Grant Search Central, the on-line web site for The Grant Book Company.

Grant Search Central provides up-to-date information about the availability and requirements for literally hundreds of types of government and non-profit grants. Also available are grant-writing tools, access to message boards, e-mail alerts, and other types of valuable information for registered users.

To register your municipality for Grant Search Central e-mail contact information to ksmith @ For additional information on Grant Search Central, go to

Legacy Consulting -

This grant service provides members with assessment and evaluation services, the development of a community blueprint and assistance in grant procurement methods.  Specific training in garnering needed funds for individual projects, as well as various tools monitoring and evaluating the grant process are available as well.  The services offered by Legacy Consulting will seamlessly  integrate with other programs and resources currently provided to members of the Arkansas Municipal League.

To contact Legacy Consulting, e-mail Chad Gallagher at chad.gallagher @

or access their Web site,

Grant Sources -

  1. Arkansas Department of Rural Services (DRS)
    General Improvement Fund Community Enhancement, Fire Protection Grants-
    Various DRS Grants
    Proposed Amendments to GIF Grant Rules
    For further information, contact John Andrews at
  2. Arkansas Department of Health
    Rural Health Facilities and Services Revolving Fund, Rural Physician Revolving Fund-
    Grant and Bid Opportunities
    For further information, contact Bill Stricklin at
  3. HUD
  4. Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program
    For further information, contact Andrew Pumphrey at or 501-682-2558.
  5. Arkansas Economic Development Commission
    Road and Highway/Water and Sewer Sytems Improvement Grants
    For further information, e-mail