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League Program

Job Evaluation and Salary Administration Program (JESAP)

This service is provided to our members by the JER HR Group. The Job Evaluation and Salary Administration Program, or JESAP, is a proven compensation management system that can provide our members with greater efficiency in reducing the following problems:

  • Missing pay structure for creating pay rates and annual budgeting
  • Problems attracting and retaining productive employees
  • Inadequate, nonexistent or non-compliant job descriptions
  • Inefficient, manual processes that waste time and create excessive busywork
  • Lack of buy-in and creation of animosity relating to pay rate decisions
  • Employee favoritism related to pay that creates an employee morale problem.

The JESAP system typically provides a four-to-one or five-to-one savings of time and effort required to accurately define job functions, create accurate and current job descriptions, define pay rates, and monitor pay levels.  For further information, visit call 479-521-2697.