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League Program

Loss Control/Emergency Response Program

The Loss Control/Emergency Response Program provides members with individual loss control assistance and assistance in establishing an Emergency Preparedness Plan. The Loss Control portion of the program offers safety inspections and on-site consultation for Workers' Compensation, Vehicle program, and Property program participants.

In addition, the Loss Control program offers safety-training in various categories such as: Personal Protective Equipment, Trench Safety, Confined Space Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Safety Awareness, Back Safety, and Lockout/Tagout Programs. These programs are taught on location in your municipality. The Emergency Response portion of the program provides cities with information on how to be prepared for emergencies such as bomb threats, Cyber-Terrorism, tornadoes, and chemical and biological threats.

The Loss Control Video Library allows members of the Arkansas Municipal League to select training videos by submitting requests online utilizing the video e-cart.  Training videos may be checked out on a first-come first-serve basis depending on availability.    A maximum of three (3) videos per order, please.  Videos should be returned as soon as practicable after training classes are completed.  Also, please note that this is a service for members of the League only and unless specified, all videos are VHS tapes. The Arkansas Municipal League will not honor non-member requests

Don't forget the value of training your workforce. If you or someone affiliated with your municipality would like to attend free training sessions on subjects such as Traffic Signal Maintenance; Trenching and Shoring; Heavy Equipment Operating; and Work Zone Traffic Safety, contact Laura Carter of the Technology Transfer Program at 501-569-2380 or via e-mail at laura.carter@ardot.gov. You may visit their website at: Center for Training Transportation Professionals (CTTP). This program is sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration and the Arkansas Department of Transportation.

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The Arkansas Municipal League was founded in 1934 and exists for a threefold purpose:

  • to act as the official representative of Arkansas cities and towns before the state and federal governments;
  • to provide a clearinghouse for information and answers; and,
  • to offer a forum for discussion and sharing of mutual concerns.