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League Program

Supplemental Health Plan Benefits

American Fidelity Assurance Company provides supplemental benefits and employer services designed specifically for the municipality market. They specialize in providing employer administrative services for Section 125 Plans, Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts,

Health Reimbursement Arrangements and Depending Verification Reviews as well as enhancing your current benefit program with voluntary benefit plans for your employees without adding costs to your bottom line.

To find out which programs work best for your municipality, please contact American Fidelity's Bubba Spragins, Health and Government Markets Manager at 281-743-8520, Bubba.Spragins@af-group.com or Charles Angel, Account Executive at 501-690-2532, Charles.Angel@af-group.com or visit www.americanfidelity.com.

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Arkansas Municipal League
Our Mission

The Arkansas Municipal League was founded in 1934 and exists for a threefold purpose:

  • to act as the official representative of Arkansas cities and towns before the state and federal governments;
  • to provide a clearinghouse for information and answers; and,
  • to offer a forum for discussion and sharing of mutual concerns.